4ever at Surabaya Zoo - Indonesia

My outing to ... Surabaya Zoo
I had a fairly enjoyable trip to the Surabaya Zoo ... it is very tropical and humid there .. but I enjoyed the morning. The zoo is not as clean as our zoos in Johannesburg and Pretoria where the animals have very large areas to roam ... but the animals at Surabaya are in a
fairly good condition.

This is Surabaya's signature emblem ... the shark & the crocodile.

Inside this souvenier shop sits a gentleman who after taking your photo ... puts it onto a PC where he adds more animals seen at the zoo and labels the photo. On my photo ... I am sitting on a Tiger with a Macaw perched on my hand ... cool !!!!

These little school children had a day out at the zoo & got to ride on the elephant.

Disembarking from the elephant.

Rides were not only for children ... adults enjoyed it just as much !!

Tropical plants around a very large pond where Pelicans roost. One can be seen very faintly in the centre of this pic.
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