Richiki making a positive difference in Tanzania -

Both Richard and Ricki are working seriously at making a differance in their country Tanzania.
When Richard was interviewed after walking out of the BB house as the winner of BB Africa 2 his words were ...

"I love you all
Whatever I do I want to change people's lives positively."

Richard has kept his word and is currently working on a documentary covering the senseless killing of Albinos in Tanzania.

He wishes to bring an awareness to this shocking situation.

Below are his words from his blog page ...


"My idea to make a documentary about the albino killings is slowly turning into a campaign. I have been meeting with government officials and I have more appointments this week. I am so happy that people are really taking interest in this human rights issue."


Ricki works in the community for MEDA and is currently busy with the project of distributing insecticide-treated bed nets to pregnant women and infants to fight the battle against illness and death caused by Malaria.

Through the initiative, MEDA has helped to create a network of more than 6,500 retail outlets nationwide, where previously the life-saving nets were not available.

A insecticide-treated bed net protecting a family


These are serious issues and their contribution is no doubt invaluable

MEDA Tanzania’s mandate is
to further MEDA’s mission through activities of economic development
"Our mission is to bring hope, opportunity, and economic development to low income people around the world through business-oriented development."


USA's First lady praises MEDA anti-malaria program

Read below

"It breaks my heart to know that little children are dying needlessly because of a mosquito bite," Bush said.



Richard meets the TZ High Commissioner in London -

Richard left for the UK on the 13 June to be a judge at the

Miss Tanzania UK
Whilst in London he paid the High Commissioner, the Honourable Mwanaidi Maajar

a visit at the the offices of the

Tanzania High Commission.

Looking ever so smart !!!

Signing the Guestbook

Read Richard's review of his trip to the UK below and also see all the fabulous photos !!


The High Commissioner, the Honourable Mwanaidi Maajar

was also a special guest at the

Miss UK Tanzania

"The sky's the limit Richard !!!"



The quality of a true friend ....

"To love without condition
To talk without intention
To give without reason
And to care without expectation
the heart of a true friend."

"True friendship is based on trust,
honesty and sincere generosity of our hearts."
Song Park

"True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable."
Dave Tyson Gentry


"True friendship is felt,
not said."
Mariecris Madayag


"Who finds a faithful friend,
finds a treasure."
Jewish Saying


Richard has updated his Blog Site with news on his Documentary

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