It's Official !!!!

Richard & Ricki are expecting their 1st born this year!!!!
The good news was officially announced by Richard on FaceBook & his Website

"Happy New Year to everyone

Good news

"My wife is three months pregnant. I'm excited I'm gonna be a father soon."


This is wonderful New Year News


A Personal Message from Richard's Website Blog
Good News!
Last year was quite hectic but I am glad my wife and I made it through strongly.
I'm even more glad about how we ended the year, here in Canada, with nice weather, a loving family and I finally got to see where Ricki grew up.
What a way to end a year, full of happiness.
Anyhow, already I'm sure my new year is going to be very nice whatever may come my way because ...
I am going to be a father. My wife is three months pregnant and it's already a good feeling for me, therefore I cannot imagine how good it is going to feel to hold my child for the first time.
As you can see in the picture, I met my niece and nephew for the first time and got a taste of having children around.
To all of you to have stood by me in 2008, a big thank you!
Thank you for believing in me and giving me so much support. I hope we will continue to be friends in 2009 and beyond.
Happy New Year!
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Christmas in Canada -

Richard & Ricki on Holiday in Canada


Ricki was going home to Canada for Christmas and she was taking Richard to see where she grew up.
No doubt it would be exciting for both of them !!!!
Ricki going home to visit with her famly & Richard to meet them and of course to experience a


Richi toboganning ..... Cool Runnings !!!!

From +31 degrees Heat in Dar es Salaam to the freezing -31 degrees in Canada

But it looks like Richard loves it !!!!

SO MUCH CLOTHING to keep WARM from the -31 deg TEMPERATURES !!!!!

It all looks like so much fun !!!!

Richard the Snow Angel - shovelling the snow




Happy 2009 !!!

Happy New Year

Richard & Ricki


We know there will be much to celebrate this wonderful year !!!

May you be richly Blessed with Happiness & Good Health


May all your Dreams be fullfilled this New Year !!