Richiki parties at Meryl's 22nd Birthday ...

Meryl's 22nd Birthday

Thanks to Ricki for the fab photos !!!!

It is also great to see that two other BB Africa 2 housemates are also in Nollywood with Richard.


Ofunneka from Nigeria & Meryl from Namibia.

Meryl turned 22 whilst there and they partied up a storm.

Lovely that the housemates are still getting together ... hopefully they will remain

life-long friends


First pics of Richi in Nollywood !!!


The first pic of Richard in the film that he is acting in in Nollywood. The character's name that he is playing in the movie is called ...

Go to his blog to read Richard's report & see what hard work it is ... but it is great to see that he is enjoying himself !!

Disaster strikes Indonesian town ...


I have travelled inland towards the mountainous area to a town called Malang ... but sadly had to pass the town ... Sidoarjo which has been covered by mud because of a continual eruption of gas and mud. Here is the link for further reading ...

Here I stand with the driver that took me to Malang ... infront of an area where just the very tops of houses roofs can be seen ... a tragedy for certain & it makes one constantly thank one's lucky stars for everything that we have.
The people in this town have lost their homes and work !!!