Richiki visit Robben Island

It is a tour that should never be missed when visiting Cape Town

"The history of the past is vital as it always teaches us a lesson for the future"

Here Richard shakes the hands of a statue of the wonderful Madiba

Old President - Nelson Mandela


It has been claimed that Richard was stopped from meeting Madiba in real life whilst in SA ... but that is once again just


Anybody would be over joyed and privilaged to meet this wonderful man.

The mast of the boat taking us over to Robben Island

Fans who recognised Richard & wanted his autogaph before boarding the boat to Robben Island

Richard looks into Nelson Mandela's cell as it is locked and may not be entered by tourists.

The very sparten cell.

Here is Mandela Nelson standing in the cell seen above years after he was released

This very infomative Tour Guide was once a prisoner on Robben Island and he recognised Richard in the crowd.

He then joked that Richard had also been a prisoner in the BB House.

A momento from Richard & Ricki's visit to Robben Island