Am I Richard’s PRO … ???

The answer is absolutely and emphatically … NO !!!

It seems just because I am a dedicated fan of Richard … I am wrongly labelled as his
Public Relations Officer
and blamed or made accountable for all his decisions made.


Being a true fan means that I respect and appreciate who he is …
his faults, strengths
and the fact that he is married.

I am extremely tired of reading how I have been Richard’s supposed "downfall" just because I supported his wish to return to his wife Ricki after he left the BB House.

The way I saw it was that the show was over and life had to go on.


Richard & Ricki are doing very well for themselves so the doomsayers are infact very wrong !!!

The past trip to South Africa was organised as a break away for the couple after the trauma they had experienced since BB.

It was not an official or state visit … it was merely a holiday to enjoy all the tourist attractions of the Mother City.

Sadly there was not enough time to see everything …. but this only gives them an excuse to return and see the rest of the glorious sites.

One event to meet fans from the Oboma Forum … was organised and advertised as a GOODWILL gesture to the very few Capetonians that are on the Oboma Forum.
I trust the fans that joined us for the afternoon at Meloncino's ... enjoyed this brief opportunity to meet Richard & Ricki up close & personal.

It makes me extremely happy that this was made possible.

My motto in life is


I wish that more people would let me support who I wish to support in peace … as I certainly allow everybody else to support who they wish to support in peace!!




Richi visits Global Publishers -

Richard visits Global Publishers on his return to Dar es Salaam
after his holiday in Cape Town
South Africa


What do I tell my children ….?

The week I spent on holiday with Richard & Ricki in Cape Town
will always remain memorable !!

At the V & A Waterfront - Cape Town


One question that Richard asked me in this time was …

"What do I one day tell my children about the

"Big Brother" experience?"

At the time I was caught some-what off guard as I realised Richard was referring not about winning BB … but to the infidelity situation whilst in the BB house.

Well I simply answered that his children could learn from his experience should the question ever be raised ... and we did not discuss the topic further.

I feel however that I wish to expand on this answer …

It is correct yes that they can learn from Richard’s experience ... because he can tell them that …

"we are all fallible and make mistakes in life...

but it is how we correct and deal with the faults we make,

that is most important !! "

Richard has been criticised by many and especially his fellow Tanzanians for not making the most of opportunities available to him as the

Winner of BB Africa 2 ….

but it must be understood that Richard admitted to having wronged and hurt his wife immensely by getting into a relationship with a fellow contestant in the BB Africa house.

He therefore returned to Tanzania with only one thing on his mind …

and that was to apologise to his wife and to ask forgiveness from her.
Yes … he returned to Tanzania as the Winner of BB Africa 2 & certain Tanzanians claimed that he could have had additional glitz, glamour and money from appearances when he arrived home …but this meant absolutely nothing to him if it was at the expense of his marriage in those first crucial weeks.

It must be noted that Richard's 1st priority which he was adamant about after arriving home, was to make amends with Ricki and to heal his marriage.

It was not easy and understandably it took much time …

but with perseverance and much dialogue, they worked things out and he achieved what he felt was most important for his


and that was to correct his mistakes with the person he said on many occasions was the most precious person in his life.

Richard and Ricki can be very proud of solving their problems as it shows strength of character and integrity. They chose to work out their problems which eventually saved their marriage.

This is something that their children can be proud and thankful for in the future.

It is not only an admirable lesson for their children … but should also be

a shining example to other young couples.

Tanzanians should be proud that their contestant knew the error of his ways … and that he had the character to face the challenges of correcting these errors.

Richard got his priorities correct after leaving the BB house and therefore never has to feel ashamed when he one day explains his BB experience to his children.

He can proudly say …

"I made faults my child …. but this is how I solved I them."


Much respect Richard
much respect to you too Ricki for forgiving your husband!

Your children no doubt will turn out to be just as lovely as you both are.
Thanks a million for precious time spent together in
Cape Town.