Season's Greetings -


I bet you thought I dissapeared.

I have been very busy. Sorry about that.

I have got some good news and bad news.

First the bad news is that our laptop was stolen and all of my pictures and website files were on there. I had stories to put up and pictures of all my latest projects. I will not have time to get all of that written again and all of the pictures collected again before Christmas.

There is a lot of good news.

In the last two months, I finished my contract as Assistant Director on the Wahapahapa music video project.

I did a screening of my documentary on albinos to other experienced directors and then improved on it.

We (me, Mwisho and Latoya) are in Bang! Magazine this month and on the cover.

Also, the movie I did with Kanumba and Wema is out. It is called Family Tears: Bad Intentions and they are selling it everywhere in TZ. I don't know how you guys in other countries can get it but I will ask the director.

Also, me and Ricki are going to Canada to visit family in Edmonton at Christmas. I guess I am going to be really cold.

I promise to put up pictures at least here on my blog until I get get my website programmes and files back.

To all of you who have stuck by me and patiently waited for updates


You have been very understanding.

When I get messages and emails from fans or meet you on the street it makes my day. Especially one year later and I still get so much support.

I am very lucky.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2009 everybody!