4ever in Indonesia -

The sights smells & tastes of Indonesia !!!
So today was my 1st day at work in Sarabaya - Indonesia ... but after a day's work in a foreign country the 1st thing I usually do is kick off the high heels and hang up the business suit and change into walking shoes and casual clothes.
I am then ready to walk and see as many sights as possible !!!
Today I decided to capture the pictures of the local food vendors & the chaps who have tricycles to transport people around the city. Many I found dozing in their buggies with seemingly no worries in the world.
They are quite clearly not very well off and infact many of the people here seem to live in poverty.
As I sit here typing in my hotel room ... I hear a pianist playing beautiful light classics down in the foyer .... what inequality it seems that I sit in such luxury and many have so little!!!
It must be said that never a day goes by that I do not thank the Lord that I am so blessed !!
So for dessert today ... I was served the most exotic fruits. Below is a picture. It looks like a pommagranite ... but once opened ... the fruit inside looks like a clove of garlic but it has the texture of a leechie. The taste is wonderfully sweet with a slight tart taste to it.
It is called a ... Mangoesteen.

I quickly popped down to take a pic of the pianist in the hotel foyer .... the sound of her pretty notes tinkle so supurbly in the background.

I am on the 5th floor of my hotel and my room looks down onto a centre quad which has a coffee bar on the groud floor

So this is one of HUNDREDS of these little kiosks alongside the streets.

This fellow was transporting goods as opposed to passangers on his bike & buggy

This chappie was dozing away with no prolems in the world it seemed !!!!

Another cyclist sleeping ... and this was at 5pm !!!

A food vendor cooking alongside the road. The smells walking down the street are so varied and very differant !!!!

As I said there are hundeds of these food vendors alongsidethe streets.