Richard working on his filming career

Richard has received his video camera which he ordered from over-seas as well as his
iMac for editing.

With the above ... arrived a professional light and other additional lighting required.
The sound equipment has been ordered
and Richard has designed and built his own custom made
dolly and crane.

He has been learning a lot about Final Cut Pro

It is fabulous to see that he is following his passion & is well on his way to having a production company.

Richard is currently away in Mwanza (a region beside Lake Victoria) filming a documentary on the slaughter of Albinos.

He wants to report on this very important and grave topic that is happening in Tanzania.

Below in the newspaper article added ... you can read all about this serious problem.

It is very shocking !!!

"Hats off to Richard and Ricki who are both working dilligently
to aid in their respective fields
with serious issues amongst the community of Tanzania."