Video of Richi dancing with kiddies on his property in TZ

Richard & Ricki's First Wedding Anniversary

The 31st of March was their first wedding anniversary & they set off for Lushoto to the place where last year they celebrated their honeymoon.
They renewed their vows, threw their old rings away and put on the new ones and toasted to new beginnings.

While there ... they decided to treat themselves to something.
They purchased a piece of land on a hill top called
“Nundu Ya N’gombe”
which in English is the hump on a cow’s back.
The land is also known from back in Colonial times as the
“Hill Of Good Hope”.
From the top of the hill there is a 360 degrees spectacularly beautiful view.
They feel so blessed to own this land & plan to build a holiday home on it someday.

Below is a FABULOUSLY FUNKY video link on his website of Richi dancing with the kiddies who live in the area where he and Ricki bought their mountain-top property.