Going Home to his wife Ricki
Richard was unique in that he was the very 1st MARRIED man to enter a Big Brother show in Africa. He was determined to just have have fun in the house & definately not get involved in any relationships as he was of coures already attached to his wife Ricki.
Unfortunately due to the stress & the confinement of the BB house for three months. Richard became very attached to Tatiana Durao from Angola for friendship & support. Their relationship became very well known as RICHIANA.
Even though this BB relationship was one that Richard appreciated and respected ... he knew at the same time that he was hurting his wife ... unintentionally it must be said. He always told Tatiana though .. that he hoped his wife would forgive him ... as Ricki was the most precious person in his life ... and that he wished that they could continue with their married life after the show.
Richard spoke much of his anguish regarding this matter to Big Brother in his Diary Sessions.
Fortunately Richard & Tatiana had an agreement that they would return to their respective partners ( Tatiana had had a six year relationship with her partner before entering the BB house) ... should their partners accept them back.
It has obviously been a very difficult situation for all
but ....

It was a final kiss goodbye to RICHIANA ... as Richard returned to Tanzania to make ammends with his wife Ricki.

His words to me at the airport was ....

"I am going home to fight for my marriage."