The inaccurate CITY PRESS article corrected by Richard -

One very unfortunate article written about Richard was published in the
It made unfair and inaccurate statements that upset Richard & many fans too.

Richard however visited the BB Africa Forum and there he published a corrected version with the correct facts to what had been falsely allegated in the article.

DECEMBER 12 2007 13:01 PM

Hi everybody! Richard here (the real one). Sorry I have been so distant, as you can imagine, I’ve had a lot to work out since I got out of the house. It’s been really crazy. Thanks to all my fans for your support and for choosing me as the BBA 2 Winner! I understand that after seeing me non stop in TV for three months my silence must have come as a shock to many of you, but my personal life had to come first. Having my wife by my side is what I really wanted so I had to make rebuilding my marriage my priority. Now that things have settled down, I’m really happy to be here to talk to you guys.

As you have been reading, a lot of stuff has been said about me in newspapers, most of it not true. Dealing with the media is a new experience for me and I have learned a lot about what they are capable of. I understand it is a natural reaction for you to be upset by all of these articles, but I hope after watching me for three months you know that I can’t say some of the crazy stuff that the media has come up with.

Please read any article with a very critical eye.

Here’s an example of an article that is full of lies.

My comments are in blue.

Richard ditches sexy Tatiana
Big Brother’s Richard ditches sexy Tatiana
Dominic Chimhavi and Cláudia Longa

BIG Brother Africa 2 winner Richard has told Angolan beauty Tatiana that their love affair is over.

In an exclusive interview a month after walking away with the US$100 000 (about R675 000) bounty from the Big Brother house, the outspoken Tanzanian said he had now fully reconciled with his estranged wife yes, it’s true and that by continuing to pursue him, Tatiana was fighting a losing battle. Tatiana is a very understanding person, I talked to her on the phone twice, both times to explain the situation and once things were made clear, she did not continue to pursue me. She is a stronger person than that and she has her own life. She wasn’t fighting my decision, she respected it.

Apart from phoning him almost daily no, not at all, it was twice in a bid to restart the love affair which set tongues wagging during their time in the house, Tatiana has also been lobbying Richard’s father, Vincent Bezuidenhout. No, she called him to ask for my number

Vincent confirmed that Tatiana had asked him to speak to Richard: “Richard is my son, but there’s no way in the world I can impose a wife or girlfriend on him. He knows what he wants and I’ve told Tatiana to have a frank chat with Richard.”

Richard says it looks like reality has not yet set in for Tatiana. In the beginning it wasn’t easy for her to accept the situation (after the first phone call) but after the second time talking to her it was clear to her “What happened in the house is now behind us. Let me take this opportunity to appeal to her that there is no reverse gear on this issue. I am now back with my wife big time.” For those who know me I would never talk like this (no reverse gear? Stupid wording) I have no need to appeal to her again because she already knows the deal! And I would never appeal to her in public, that would be humiliating.

Richard remained unapologetic about ruining Tatiana’s relationship with Gustav, her Cape Town-based boyfriend of many years, saying that “unfortunate development” was her own business. I said “everybody is taking care of their own lives now”, I said nothing about an unfortunate development or about Gustav. For all I knew when getting out of the house, if anyone’s relationship was in the most danger, it was mine. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and I handled my situation the best I could. I did not go into the house to spoil anyone’s relationship.

“The least I want now between the two of us, is minimum contact,” he insisted. During their three-month stay in the house viewers dubbed the two Richiana. I want everyone to know that the Richiana romantic relationship will not continue, however we are not enemies.

“Man, we had sex almost on a daily basis once we set the ball rolling,” said Richard, adding that they first had sex the day Maxwell was evicted. No, no, no. The hardcore viewers know this is not true. I told the interviewer it happened a few times and not until about 2 months into the game but it is really hard to know exactly when. Richard rubbished talks of sharing the winnings with Tatiana. I never at any point said I was going to share the money with her. He has fully reconciled with Ricki, who is now acting as his business manager. No, she is not acting as my manager, but just like any wife would, she is there for me and supporting me.

“We have sorted our problems with Ricki and she understood. Ninety-eight days in an enclosure is no joke. I did what I did because that was the only way one could survive under those conditions. But Ricki is such a strong character.”

For the first time the Canadian opened her heart, saying despite the pain of watching her husband flirting with another woman, the whole episode was now water under the bridge.

“Life has to go on. I love this man and no woman of flesh What real person would use “woman of flesh” in a sentence? Ricki doesn’t talk this way will stand between us. As we speak, I am the happiest woman in the world. “We went through a lot in the past few months and for now we just want to spend a lot of time together,” she said, adding that the talk of divorce had just been on the spur-of-the-moment. She didn’t say that, the media spun up a divorce rumor to sell papers. Yes, she went home to Canada to get away from the stress of watching, but came back on October 31 so she could talk to me.

Vincent said the entire family had smoked the peace pipe with Ricki.

“We had a long family chat that included my late wife’s elder sister Baturi, Richard’s brother Louis and elder sister Linda. “It was a brainstorming session but we all came out of it smiling and shaking hands.” Yes, our family is on good terms with each other and with Ricki

Vincent added that he got a good share of Richard’s winnings and was toying with an idea of re-marrying. First of all, I have not even received my winnings yet, it is still in the bank transfer process. Second, my dad would never remarry and he is not expecting any share. He will respect the way I spend it. Richard’s mother died 14 years ago and Vincent never remarried.

To the authors of this article, Dominic Chimhavi and Claudia Longa, I hope someday you learn to write with integrity for a reputable newspaper!

Last week in an exclusive interview, Tatiana said she didn’t regret what happened in the house. “If I was invited to another BBA, I would do it again.”

Tatiana said she had seen Gustav only twice since she arrived back home. “But I’m not worried about what he decides. I just want to be alone for a while to think about my life, put up my feet and make the right decisions.”

She added; “I always told Richard in the house that a marriage is a serious thing, if he had to reconcile with his wife, he should go ahead.”

FYI: I’m doing a Tanzania tour for the rest of this month, with exact dates and locations to be announced soon, then in January I’ll be visiting other African countries.

Once again, thanks and please keep supporting me. Don’t let the media take me away from you.