Richi the joker -

So ... one of Richi's very funny jokes told in the BB House

A chap was invited to two functions on the same day.
An after Family Funeral Gathering & a Birthday Party

What should he do he wondered ....???

Obviously it was important that he attend both ocassions.
He found out that the two functions coincidently
were in the same street
and even more surprising
on opposite sides of the road to each other.

Well he thought
So off he went

placed himself in the middle of the two venues.

Facing the Funeral Party
He sobbed bitterly rubbing his eyes in sorrow
With his back to the Birthday Party

He shook his A** in time to the party music!

Richard always the joker & especially so in the BB house too!!

He kept viewers glued to the TV with his funny antics
his special quality of always keeping the peace between the two rival groups

The Big 5 & The Untouchables

was one of the factors contributing to him becoming the ultimate winner.

Richard's smile & jokes & warm personality are definately

the makings of a