Richard's marriage to Ricki -

I wish ....
"I wish you all the good and charm
that life can offer.
Think of me kindly,
and ...
Rest assured that no one
would more rejoice to hear of your

They got married on the 31st of March 2007.

Basically 4 months before Richard left to enter BB Africa 2 in South Africa.
These are Richard's word about his wife Ricki from his official website ....
"My wife Ricki is a very beautiful woman both inside and outside. She is intelligent, loving, caring and very supportive and always believed I would be famous someday. She is a woman of substance. She has been through a lot during and after Big Brother but yet still holds her head up high. Not many women could withstand what she has been through. I’m so glad that we are both still standing strong and together after everything that has happened and despite all that has been said about us.
I love her very much."