Richard & Ricki looked super as they said their good-byes to SA before boarding their plane to
Lagos - Nigeria
Fans were pleased to meet Ricki for the 1st time
I felt so fortunate to have spent precious time with Richard & Ricki in the short time that they were in
South Africa
It may only have been fleeting due to their very short stay on this occasion … but I felt privileged & no doubt it was very special indeed. I got to speak to Ricki … and she is just such a dear gentle intelligent person.
Just like I imagined she would be .... !!!
They have a wonderful future ahead of them. As they mentioned ... they’ve been through so much … but they have come out stronger due to this.
I am sure in due time they will personally let you know via Richard’s website about a very special surprise that Richard has for Ricki. I know a little of what it entails … & I am ecstatic to say the least!!!